meet georgie

Founder of Bring it Back Pilates.

I’m Georgie Janssen and creator of the Bring it Back Program (BIB). I’ve been a Pilates instructor for three years and have a degree in exercise science and have now focused my experience working with women into post natal women.

I have created a Pilates based exercise program for post natal women which is safe to do after being given the all clear from your doctor (around 6 week mark). It is a progressive program which gently easies you back into exercise whilst strengthening up all the areas weakened during the pregnancy and birthing process.

As you get stronger it gets harder, which helps the body to continue to change and adapt to the added challenges. Join me in the comfort of your own home to be the strongest and fittest mumma you can, one workout at a time! 


my goals and passion

Why I do what I do.

Throughout my years working with women post pregnancy I’ve been able to see how working out in a studio or gym isn’t really an achievable luxury especially in the early days. My goal was to create a program safe and appropriate to help guide you through those early days post baby. 

I am passionate about moving your body regardless if you were super fit before or never really loved exercising, reconnecting with your body after pregnancy is so important for your physical and mental health. I enjoy creating programs which challenge and excite you to work out and make you feel those muscles burning up. 

Connecting with women and sharing my knowledge is why I have created this page and program.  I cannot wait to hear from you and help you in any way that I can. 




For Consultations

For one-on-one consultations or more information on the Bring it Back Pilates Program, please enquire below.