Welcome to the program!

Bring it Back is an 8 week post natal Pilates based program that has been designed to help women strengthen their core, glutes, posture and pelvic floor. 

This 110 page program is a digital download full of exercises that have been chosen to help heal and realign your body! Eight weeks of workouts you can do in your own home at your own pace. 

 This program is for women once they have been given the all clear from their medical professional, however this program is designed for anyone who needs a program which is more supportive on their body, no jumps, no crunches! 

The program includes: 

-      Pelvic floor education and activation information 

-      Core separation information 

-      3 weekly sessions 

-      Calendar

-      Goal setting guide

-      Exercise glossary 

The content in this Ebook is written by Georgie Janssen. The information is designed to help post natal women after pregnancy strengthen and reallign their bodies. It is not specifically tailored to any individuals with specific injuries or health conditions. This program is only recommended to be followed after seeing your GP, physio or obstetrcian and been given the all clear to exercise.