Squat, Squat, Squat, Squatting

Nearly every functional class, online program, gym program even yoga and pilates class have a variation of a squat integrated into it. It is a natural movement pattern that we are best at when we are babies when we lack the upper body strength to lift things with our arms. As we get older we tend to round through our upper back and use our quadriceps more than we should.

Squatting should be a glute dominant exercise regardless if you are doing it body weight only or a weighted squat.

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Here are my top tips to perfecting that squat. Start by using a box or chair behind you to encourage that hip hinge pattern. If you have poor ankle flexibility you can prop your heels up to help and start to increase your flexibility by bring your foot about 10 cm away from the wall, then press your knee to the wall keeping your heel planted on the ground.

Dominique Gauci