Glute Activation!

If you are going to work on one thing this is it!

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Glute activation is a bit of a buzz in the fitness industry and for good reason. It is a body part which I wish I had learnt more about earlier after knowing the effect it has had on mine and a lot of my client’s reduction in back pain, improved posture and proper glute activation during exercises (lower body) etc.

Unfortunately, our current lifestyles of excessive sitting and overuse of the anterior chain (front side of your body) has made glute activation an almost foreign feeling for too many of us. Sitting down literally switches off our glutes during the day they are stretched and completely inactive. Combined with a weakening of the core and the tightening of the hip flexors and lower back.

Its not wonder that for the majority exercises such as squats and lunges are predominantly felt in our quadriceps (thighs). The key to getting our glutes to fire up is activating them first. Especially if you have spent a large part of your day sitting, if you straight into exercising you will mostly likely struggle to get the most out of your glutes. Activation is about connecting the brain and the muscle, doing exercises which isolate the desired muscle so that when you load them during your workout they will work rather than your body compensating to other areas.

1. Glute bridge with or without band

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2. Single leg glute lift (alternate sides)

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3. Side lying clam with or without band

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4. Side clam lifted feet

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5. Donkey kick back (with or without band)

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6. Straight leg lifts and lowers

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When you first start activating your glutes it may take some time to get the muscle to work and your brain to connect, keep adding this ‘warm up’ into your exercise regime and trust me you will feel it!

If you have any further questions, please comment below and I can help you out further.

George xx

Dominique Gauci